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Runescape Guide
How Not To Get Hacked
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This guide will give some basic tips on protecting yourself from hackers. These are tips that I always follow, and have never been hacked.

Some Things To Remember to Keep you Safe:
  • Do NOT download any programs. No matter what someone tells you it is, hackers can put key loggers in just about any file. It may only look like a word document but next time you log on you will see it wasn't.


  • There is NO way to hack Runescape. There are programs out there that say you can hack into Runescape. This can not be done. There are programs that will allow you to make it look like you have more than you do but as soon as you log out these changes you made go away! Do not download these, they contains key loggers.


  • Do NOT use auto- (mine, fish, smith, ect.). The program will not work with Runescape, and if you are using Runescape classic then you will eventually get banned and waste a good character. Alot of times these will contain viruses/key loggers.


  • Do NOT give out your password to anyone! Even your best friend might steal your stuff just because they are jealous or because they want your stuff.


  • Make your password something that could not be guess easy by someone who knows you. A mixture of both letters and numbers is the most secure password.


  •  Do a virus scan of your computer if you think you have a virus or key logger.


  • When you first log into Runescape it will tell you the last time you logged on. If the time it says is a time you know you did not play then change your password immediately.


  • If you are ever hacked, first change your password, your security questions, then scan your computer.