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Runescape Guide
Other Ways To Make Money
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Here is a list of other ways to make money. Some are better than others, but there are some good ideas here.  Read on.

Combat Training


Low Level Player:

  • Try killing chickens. Each feather you gather from them will get you 10 ea if you collect 1k or more of them at a time.

  • Kill cows, if you bank the hides you can sell these for 200-250 gp ea or more if you collect a lot of them (500+)

  • Goblins are also good training because they a lot of low level drop clues.

  • Kill chaos druids in edgeville dungeon. They drop herbs of all levels. Do NOT id them. Collect a full load and bank them. Once you get a few hundred sell them all as unid herbs. You can get at least 1k ea on the Runescape forums.

High Level Player:

  • Kill Giants. Bank the big bones. They will sell for 400 ea if you collect them in bulk.

  • Slay Dragons. The wilderness was recently updated so that there are green dragons at lvl 18 wild just northeast of edgeville. Here you can slay the dragons, bank the bones and hides. I can make about 500k an hour easy doing this over and over. Blue drags in talvery are also close to the bank but they also take alot longer to slay then the green drags mentioned above.

  • Train on the monsters that drop treasure trails. The profit from the clues will provide a nice income. These include ice warriors, all dragons, greater demons, paladins, and hell hounds. The higher the level monster the better the chance of getting a higher level clue.

Other ideas:

  • Buy coal and iron. Smelt the ores into steel bars. You can make 100-200 profit per bar.

  • Buy shafts and feathers. Make Headless arrows and sell for 5-10 gp profit per headless.

  • Sheer sheep. Spin the wool and make balls of wool. They can sell for 100+ gp ea in bulk.

  • All skills will provide you with income if you get the resources yourself and sell at the market value.

  • High Alching. Yew longs are usually always for sale on the forums. You can pick these up for usually 400 gp ea. If you have the nats or can buy them then you can make a little money and get very good mage expereience at the same time.


If you are going to train combat for awhile and would like to make some income on all that GP in your bank. Buy some rare items. Rare items will sometimes have a bump in price were they will fall, but they always have and always will recover in price eventually. P-Hats are the best investment you can make for the long term. Buy them only when you see a good deal. Do not feel pressured into going out and spending your saving on P-hats when they are going to just sit in your bank. I recently sold a bunch of phats that I was saving in my bank. They gave me almost 300% profit in just 4 months!

Phats are already up this year. I am predicted them to double in price by the end of summer!

Also I stocked up on Halloween mask, they will also double in price by this Halloween. Update... And they did double.. good thing I bought 20 sets about 2 months ago.. These will stay up and rise even more as the summer goes on.

How to make 3 - 10 Million in 10 minutes:

I hate to give away this secret but here it goes... Only thing you will need is some GP and to be able to get into the Mage Guild.

Runescape is usually updated Monday and Tuesday (Morning time in EST.). Get on Runescape when you know there is an update coming. When the update countdown starts stop what you are doing and teleport or run down to Yanille. Take as much money as you can afford with you and go over to the mage guild. Go upstairs near the mage shop. Wait for the game to count down until it reboots. After the update start buying runes like crazy... There will be 5000 bloods, deaths, laws, natures and chaos in stock. Buy the bloods first, followed by the natures, then deaths and laws, then chaos last. If you are quick at clicking and there are not a lot of people around you can easily make MILLIONS in no time. Easily 3 - 5 million and up to 10 million if no one is around.

Don't share this with others. The more people that know, the less you will be able to buy!

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