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Price Guide
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These are the prices that I consider to be market value for items, which means this is the price I would normally sell these items for. So buy for cheaper than this at least to make a profit. And remember these are current as of the update of this guide. The prices are constantly changing and also could vary from buyer/seller. Some of these items will also vary greatly when sold in bulk. Anything that is not listed is because I can not give an accurate current market value. You should use this guide for reference but also you should check the forums for current prices!


Dagger: 5gp
Mace: 10gp
Sword: 15gp
Warhammer: 30gp
Scimitar: 20gp
Long Sword: 25gp
Battle-Axe: 60gp
Two-handed sword: 60gp


Dagger: 20gp
Mace: 35gp
Sword: 50gp
Warhammer: 80gp
Scimitar: 65gp
Long Sword: 90gp
Battle-Axe: 100gp
Two-handed sword: 150-200gp


Mace: 120gp
Sword: 150gp
Warhammer: 120gp
Scimitar: 250gp
Long Sword: 300gp
Battle-Axe: 600gp
Two-handed sword: 1-1.5k


Dagger: 130gp
Mace: 3k
Sword: 500gp
Warhammer: 2k
Scimitar: 7k
Long Sword: 1k
Battle-Axe: 800gp
Two-handed sword: 2.5-3k


Dagger: 500gp
Mace: 700gp
Sword: 650gp
Warhammer: 3k
Scimitar: 1.6k
Long Sword: 1.5k
Battle-Axe: 1-1.5k
Two-handed sword: 2-3.5k


Dagger: 800gp
Mace: 2k
Sword: 2k
Warhammer: 5.4k
Scimitar: 5-6k
Long Sword: 3-4.5k
Battle-Axe: 2-3.5k
Two-handed sword: 5-8k


Dagger: 4-8k
Mace: 7-11k
Sword: 10-14k
Warhammer: 30-45k
Scimitar: 35-50k
Long Sword: 15-20k
Battle-Axe: 40-50k Spear: 20k
Two-handed sword: 45-50k

Halbert: 90-120k


Dagger: 30k

Mace: 40k

Long: 100k

Dragon Battle Axe: 180k

Spear  (Poisoned or not): 500k -  600k

Halbert: 200-250k

Poison Items:

-Adding poison to any item will typically add 3-5k to the price.


Medium Helmet: 10gp
Large Helmet: 20gp
Square Shield: 40gp
Kite Shield: 50gp
Chain Mail: 30gp
Plate Legs: 50gp
Plate Skirt: 50gp
Plate Mail Body: 100gp
Set: 250gp


Medium Helmet: 50gp
Large Helmet: 100gp
Square Shield: 100gp
Kite Shield: 140gp
Chain Mail: 120gp
Plate Legs: 160gp
Plate Skirt: 150gp
Plate Mail Body: 300gp
Set: 600-1,000gp


Medium Helmet: 150gp
Large Helmet: 300gp
Square Shield: 330gp
Kite Shield: 500gp
Chain Mail: 400gp
Plate Legs: 600gp
Plate Skirt: 500gp
Plate Mail Body: 1-1.5k
Set: 3-4.5k


Medium Helmet: 300-2,000gp
Large Helmet: 1.5-2k
Square Shield: 1k
Kite Shield: 2-3k
Chain Mail: 1-1.5k
Plate Legs: 2k
Plate Skirt: 1.8k
Plate Mail Body: 3-3.8k
Set: 7-10k


Medium Helmet: 450gp
Large Helmet: 1k
Square Shield: 1k
Kite Shield: 2-3k
Chain Mail: 1-1.5k
Plate Legs: 3k
Plate Skirt: 2.5k
Plate Mail Body: 4-5k
Set: 8-11k


Medium Helmet: 1.2-1.5k
Large Helmet: 2.5-3.2k
Square Shield: 4-5k
Kite Shield: 6-10k
Chain Mail: 4-6k
Plate Legs: 4.5-6k
Plate Skirt: 4.5-5k
Plate Mail Body: 10-16k
Set: 24-30k


Medium Helmet: 8-11k
Large Helmet: 30-40k
Square Shield: 25-35k
Kite Shield: 50-60k
Chain Mail: 30-40k
Plate Legs: 50-60k
Plate Skirt: 45-55k
Plate Mail Body: 55-70k
Set: 190-220k


Square Shield: 7.2 - 8Mil

Medium Helmet: 2.3 - 2.4 Mil

Chain 27 - 29 mil

Legs: 2.9 - 3.3 Mil

Skirt: 2.6 - 3M

Dragon Hide:

Green Set: 30k

Blue Set: 15-30k

Red Set: 80k

Black Set: 25-50k


Granite Shield: 100 - 120k

Full Splitbark: 250 -325k


Meat: 5gp
Bread: 20gp
Redberry Pie:
Meat pie: 100gp
Stew: 80gp
Apple Pie: 150gp
Pizza: 150gp
Wine: 100gp
Cake: 150gp
Meat Pizza: 200gp
Chocolate Cake: 200gp
Anchovy Pizza: 300gp

Fish: (cooked/uncooked):

Shrimp: 10gp

Sardine: 20gp

Herring: 20gp

Anchovy: 15gp

Trout: 50-80gp

Pike: 50-80gp

Salmon: 60-120gp

Tuna: 50-150gp

Lobster: 175-200gp

Swordfish: 200-300gp

Shark: 800-1k ea

Fishing Supplies:

Bait: 5-10 gp

Feathers: 10 - 15 gp


Range pots: 4k-5k ea

Prayer pots: 5 - 6k ea

Anti-Fire: 5 - 7k ea

Super strength: 3k ea

Super Defense: 2 - 3k ea

Super attack: 1k ea

Poison- 3 - 5k

fishing pots- 500 gp

Anit-Poison- 1k


Guams- 400-600 ea

Tarromins: 700 - 1k ea

Marrential: 300 - 500 ea

Rannar:  5k ea

Irits: 2 -2.5k ea

Cadantine: 2-2.5 k

Avantoe: 2 - 2.5k ea

Kwarum: 3k - 3500 ea

Dwarf: 4k ea

Lantadyme: 4-5k ea

Limproots: 700- 1k ea

Blue dragon scales: 700 - 1.2k ea

Red spider eggs: 200 - 700  ea

White berries: 1k

snape grass: 600-1k ea

General Unids: 1k+ ea


(If poisoned add 100-200 per arrow)

Bronze- 15-20 ea
Iron- 20-30 ea
Steel- 40 ea
Mith- 60 - 80 ea
Addy- 135 - 150 ea
Rune- 350 - 400 ea

Cannon Balls: 200 ea

Cannon: 550-600k


Normal/Willow/Maple - 500

 Yew Short- 1k
Yew Long- 2k
Magic Short- 1k - 2500
Magic Long- 1500 - 5k


Normal- 50 - 100 ea
Willows- 40 ea
Maple- 100-150 ea
Yews- 275 - 325 ea
Magic- 1k - 1.2k ea

Fletching Items:

Flax- 75 - 150 ea
Bowstrings- 100 - 150 ea   

Feathers- 10 - 13 ea
Shafts- 10 -13 ea            

Headless Arrow: 20-30

Arrow Heads:

Bronze heads- 10 ea
Iron Heads- 15 ea
Steel heads- 30 ea
Mith Heads- 50 - 55 ea
Addy heads- 110 - 135 ea
Rune heads- 350 - 400 ea


Air Rune: 15-20gp
Earth Rune: 15-15gp
Fire Rune: 15-20gp
Water Rune: 5-15gp 
Body Rune: 5-15gp
Mind Rune: 15-25gp
Chaos Rune: 150-200gp
Nature Rune: 350 - 400gp
Law Rune: 200 - 400gp
Death Rune: 300gp

Blood Rune: 700 - 1k gp

Magic Staffs:

Staff: 14gp
Magic Staff: 196gp
Staff of Air: 1.5k
Staff of Water: 1.5k
Staff of Earth: 1.5k
Staff of Fire: 1.5k

All Battle Staffs: 9k ea

Enchanted Battle staffs: 50k

Rune Crafting:

Rune Essence: 20-55gp
Air Talisman: 500gp
Mind Talisman: 500gp
Water Talisman: 800gp
Earth Talisman: 1k
Fire Talisman: 1k
Body Talisman: 600gp

Prayer Items:

Bones: 10gp
Burnt Bones: 10gp
Big Bones: 400-500gp

Dragon Bones: 3k ea

Priest Robe Top: 25gp
Priest Robe Bottom: 25gp
Monk Robe Top: 100gp
Monk Robe Bottom: 100gp


Black Cape: 15gp
Red Cape: 20gp
Blue Cape: 45gp
Yellow Cape: 50gp
Green Cape: 50gp
Purple Cape: 50-100gp
Orange Cape: 50-100gp

Gold Amulet: 100gp
Amulet of magic (sapphire) : 500 - 2k
Amulet of defense (emerald0: 1.2-2k
Amulet of strength (ruby): 3-5k
Amulet of power (diamond): 6-10k

Dragonstone Amulet: 100k - 110k

Holy Symbol- 1k

Unholy Symbol- 1k


Gold Ring: 200gp
Ring of (sapphire): 500-800gp
Ring of recoil: 700-1,200gp
Ring of Forging (ruby): 3-4k
Ring of life (diamond): 5-8k

Ring of Wealth (dragon): 75k - 90k


(Uncut will typically sell quicker)

Sapphire: 300-600gp ea
Emerald: 500-1000gp ea
Ruby: 1.5 - 4k ea
Diamond: 4 - 7k ea

Dragonstone: 90-100k

Crafting Supplies:

Ball of Wool: 50-100gp ea 
Cow Hide: 150 - 250 gp ea

Dragon Hides:

Green:1.5k - 2k ea

Blue: 2 - 2.5k ea

Red: 4.5 - 6k ea

Black- 2-3k ea


Regular Bones: 40 ea

Bat Bones: 40 ea

Big Bones: 400 ea

Baby Bones: 1k ea

Dragon: 3000 (up to 3500 if you have 1000+)


Treasure Trail:


Black (g) full - 200k - 350k

Addy (T) full - 150k-300K

Addy (G) full - 200k

Rune (T) full - 400 -600k

Rune (G) full- 1.5 - 2.0 M

Guilded Full  4 - 8 M

Guthix full - 1.7 - 1.9M

Sarr Full - 3.1 - 3.4M

Zammy Full - 3.0 - 3.7M

Zammy Skirt- 500k

Sara Skirt - 700k

Guthix Skirt- 400k


Blue Berret: 100k
Black Berret: 100k
White Berret: 100k
Black Headband: 40-55k
Brown Headband: 50k
Red Headband: 40-60k
Light Brown Cavalier Hat: 250 - 350k
Black Cavalier Hat: 800k
Pirate Hat: 200-300k
Highwayman Mask: 25-60k

Robin Hood Hat - 1.7M - 1.9 M


Mage boots: 100k-200k

Ranger boots: 600k - 750k

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Party Hats:


Blue: 29 - 31.0 mil
Green: 15.5 - 16.2 m il
White: 22.80m - 23.3mil
Yellow: 14.0 - 14.3mil
Purple: 11.5 - 12.2mil
Red: 17.9 - 18.5mil

Other Rares:

Easter Eggs: 1.0 - 1.3M

Pumpkin: 1.5M - 1.8M

Santa Hat- 1.45 - 1.6M
Half Wine Jug- 30 - 45M
Disk of Return- 6.5 - 10M
Christmas Cracker: 24 - 25M

Whip: 9.5 - 10.0 M

Maul: 600k - 700k

lava battlestaff: 150 - 200k

Halloween Mask:

Green Mask: 1.8 - 2.1M
Red Mask: 2.8M  - 3M
Blue Mask:  2.6k - 2.8M
Mask Set: 7.2 Mil - 7.9 Mil gp

FAKE Rares:                    (Often scammer try to sell. Do not buy these!!!)

Charcoal- 20 gp
Toy Horse- 100 gp
Bad Wine- 0 gp
Half pizza- 50 gp
Ship- 10 gp
Spinach Roll- 10 gp

Hallow Reed- 0 gp

Pirates Eye Patch- 10 gp



Bunny Ears