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Runescape Guide
Runescape Moneymaker Guide
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In this guide I will tell you how I went from nothing to over 200 Million in worth in just 6 months! Anyone can do it, in fact it is very easy. Easier than raising any skill and it is in fact the most beneficial skill there is in Runescape. A Master Merchant like me can make between 1 and 5 Million in just 1 hour playing.  You do not need to scam, hack or steal at all to accomplish this. I have never once scammed anyone. If this guide is followed and you dedicate time into this skill you will be a millionaire in no time. I guarantee you will be satisfied with yourself and your friend will be impressed when you show them your bank roll. I have trained nearly a dozen people to become millionaires and want to help you also. I will include my email at the end of this guide for any questions.

The only things you will need to accomplish this are patience, and discipline. Follow this guide. You do not need any high level skills.


Buying low, then selling higher. Better know as the skill of merchanting.

When I first started playing Runescape I was a miner like many people are. I soon realized all the people that I saw selling coal for half of what I saw other people buying it for. So instead of being a slave for others and mining for hours at a time to earn little a money, I decided to be on the other end. I bought and sold coal for huge profits. I started in Runescape Classic, the days when large amount of coal had to be certed to trade. This took ages to do and so it took awhile to make a nice profit. Since Runescape 2 it has became so easy to make huge amount of money with the use of notes. I quickly made most of my 200 million since RS2 came out. I have now retired from merchanting and decided to enjoy my Runescape time outside of merchanting.

At the end of this guide I will also include a guide on how to make good money while you are training skills. This is for those of you that really don't want to stop training skills but would like a nice income of money to coming in regularly.



Before you can make money you have to understand what you are buying and selling. You need to know the current market value (which by the ways is always changing for some items) and you need to know how long it take to find a buyer at the price you are going to ask. What is the demand for this item? What have I seen a lot of people buying this item at? The most useful and reliable resource for this information is to read forums which I will get into more later on.


You also need to get a decent amount of GP (money) to begin your merchanting career. Try start off with as much as possible I would say try to have at least some cash to be successful quickly. If you do not have this much cash sell your stuff. Anything armor, weapons, anything else in your bank account because if you are serious about making money you will not need any weapons, armor, or anything else you might have in your bank.

Once you have a decent cash account and have familiarized yourself with the items you intend on merchanting you are ready to get started.



If you are not a member then the first thing I would suggest is to go out and get members. Have it will open up many more merchanting capabilities because of the use of the Runescape forums, along with richer players on members servers, and more items that you can buy and sell for huge profits. However there are many players who have been successful at merchanting without being a member. I am just saying that it is easy if you are a member.

Forums are a good place to find good deals, but you have to be quick. You must check the forums constantly if you want that good deal. All successful merchants use the forums and they will be just as quick as you in trying to close on the deal that will make you big money.

One of the best merchanting areas is behind varrock west bank. I have found that this is the best place for selling high priced items like phats and other rares. This is because a lot of free to play (f2p) really don’t know the value of something and you can either get a good deal on something or sell something for an above average price. If you are a member then you have another great place to buy and sell. In front of the East Falador bank on either world 2 or World 16 is full of buyers and selling 24 hours a day. Which would it is depends on what time of day it is. World 2 is from about 4 PM to 4 AM EST and world 16 is during the rest of the time, 4AM to 4PM EST.  This is the difference between when a lot of the European and USA player are playing as to which world is full. This is the best place to sell items that you have in bulk, such as ores, bars, arrows, fish, bones, ECT. These items are usually sold in bulk amount to rich players who will pay the market price for the item in cash. Although this is also a good place to sell phats.




You can’t make money unless you can sell for cheaper so you must be able to get the seller to give you a great deal. There are 3 types of sellers:

  1. The ones who don’t know the value of an item. These are sometimes my favorite because you get a great deal on an item or bulk quantity of an item for dirt cheap. And after you trade you both are happy. They feel like they got a good deal because they have cash in their pocket and you know you got a good deal.
  2. Desperate sellers. These sellers are great because they are willing to negotiate the price of an item because they want had to have the cash at that moment. You can get great deals this way. If someone looks to be in a hurry to sell an items always negotiate with them. They will take less than what they are asking and sometimes a lot less.
  3. Repeat sellers. These are also great sellers because they will continue to bring you an item in bulk over and over again. This can make you rich quickly and you don’t have to do any work. If someone is a repeat seller make a good relationship with them. Pay them enough so that you make a decent profit but you also want to pay them enough so that they will come back to you to sell again.  Doing this can create a network of sellers because they will tell their friends about you, who also will sell to you regularly. Soon you are making huge profits without even spending time looking for the good deals.


With all sellers there are ways to get the price you are looking to pay most of the time. Sometimes there are a few stubborn sellers who know what the market value is and will not sell for less. But most of the time they aren’t. If you can avoid it don’t offer. If the seller insist that you offer, then take what you know you can sell it for and subtract at least 40%. The seller might take the deal or might counter offer you, Try if possible to make at least a 25% profit on all trades. A lot of times you will make over 100% or even 250% the price you paid for the item. And sometimes you will only make 5%. If it is an item you know moves quickly then go ahead and buy it for a smaller profit. It might be only 50K profit but still that’s a quick 50K.


Always try to negotiate the price, and if they refuse walk away a short distance and wait. A lot of times they are trying to push you into what they want and when you show you are no longer interested they will come running over to you to sell at the price you insisted.


Also I can’t say this enough, USE THE FORUMS. They are the most useful tool to a seller in my opinion.




As long as you bought for cheaper than you know you can sell for you will always make some profit. A little profit many times over will add up quickly. Don’t turn down any trade were you can make a quick 50K or more. Sellers work the same as buyers really. You will have buyers who are willing to pay a lot more than it is worth, buyers who are desperate for an item and will pay you more because they have to have it now. And regular buyers who will come back to you over and over to purchase an item from you. Try to accommodate to the regular buyers. If they need to buy for slightly less every now and then go for it. You have already made so much money from them and if making a lesser profit means they keep coming back then please them


When you are selling to just anyone never negotiate your price. Go into it knowing the marking price and that you will not sell for anything less than that. Always ask them to offer first and if they offer less than what you want then tell them what you are wanting. And do not give into selling for less. If they say no then walk away a short distance and wait a minute. A lot of times if they really want the item they will come over to you and pay what you are asking.


As before the forums are a great way to sell your items for the market price. And the best thing about it is that you do not need to do any work to sell the item. Sometimes just looking at the first few pages on the forums will present a buyer to you. And BOOM you just made a quick profit without any work at all. If you are unsure about the price of an item, or if it is an item that has an uncertain value just tell them to offer. A lot of times this will get people into bidding wars and they will pay a lot more for the item.


Sell in bulk brings greater profits. Not only do you selling 1000’s of items each for a small percent which adds up to a huge profit but it usually brings you the repeat buyers. And a lot of times items in bulk will sell for greater prices than regular. Arrows and bones are great example of items selling for more when in bulk.




The forums are the best place to make money and find the deals and sells you have been looking for. And the best thing about them is that you can make a post and that’s it. There is no standing around in varrock or falador to find the trade. Below I have include a list of forums were you can buy/sell items in Runescape. Sign up for these forums and use them, they are your best tool!


The following website contains forums:

o       This is only for members to post but if you are not a member you can at least view the forums for good deals you just won’t are able to post.

o       The best forums outside of Runescape. There are always people on here and it is an excellent place to find traders.


        Other Forum sites that I do not use as often as others but can still be useful in finding deals include:


Hot/Cold Items

Remember this is as of the update listed at the top of this guide. You should familiarize yourself with the current market also because it changes a lot.


        HOT ITEMS (quick moving items) You can sell these quickly on the forums and you can make a quick profit.

o       All ores. Iron, Mith, Addy and Rune have all seen an increase in interest recently. Since the last update these have started to rise!

-    Magic logs. These can always be sold pretty quickly!

o       All bars will sell and usually sell quickly. Steel and above are best. Steel can be an excellent moneymaker because a lot of people buy and sell in bulk. But Mith bars will move very quickly along with addy. You can a lot of times find people on forums selling steel bars in bulk.

o       Arrows. All arrows have picked up interest with the addition of more ranging equipment and armor.

o       Bones. Big Bones and Dragon Bones will move extremely

o       Hides. If you are a member keep your eye open for dragon hides being sold. They can make you a quick profit.

o       Party hats! These have started to go up again. Watch for them to double or triple in price by the middle of this summer!

-   Any item that people can raise there crafting on (silver, hides, gems).

- Herbs. I never used to merchant these. But now they are great. Buy unids and resell them, or ID them and they typically sell for more than you paid.

- Prayer and Anti-Fire pots. These have gone up alot since the new dungeon update.

- Drag med, dragon squares, legs, chains have raised a little. These should sell quickly.  


SLOW ITEMS (slow moving items)

- Trimmed armor.

-Rune Armor and weapons.

-Many runes. There are just too many of these out there. Nats are the only ones that will really sell good.

-Most low level treasure trial items. Headbands, pirates hat, highway man mask, ect.




        You must be patient. There are times when merchanting will be slow and you will go all day without making any good trades. Just keep at it. I promise it you will make a profit.

        Do not get in over your head. It is good to purchase items in bulk but do not buy so many of an item that takes a long time to sell. This ties up your cash and leaves you desperate to sell and making take a loss on the item.

        Try to keep a good amount of pure cash on you at all times. At least 30% of your value should be in pure cash. There is nothing worse than seeing a great deal slip away because you didn’t have the cash at that moment.

        Don’t spend your money on personal items. A lot of people I have trained will make their first million and then fell like they have to go out and by the rares they have always wanted to wear around. Don’t do that. This is probably the worst thing you can do to impede your progress. It is alright to buy rares and other valuable items but sell them!

        Until you get over 1 million stay away form rares. Rare items are phats, mask, Santa hats, egg, pumpkins, disk, half wine and anything else I missed that was a holiday drop or has become rare now. These items typically will not make you much of a profit unless you are getting them a lot cheaper than they are worth and you know you can sell it quickly. A lot of cheap items in bulk will make you a lot more money.

        Diversify. Do not keep all your money in one item. Do not merchant only one type of item. Have a little bit of everything. And over time you will be familiar with it enough that you can merchant any item for a nice profit. Start off slowly with 6 or so items you merchant. As you spend time merchanting you will see how well some items move and how much you can get for them.

        Become a member. It will open the door to a lot more opportunities for you. Although it is easily possible to become a millionaire by staying an f2p also.

        Be careful of scams. Do not buy an item you have not heard of. A lot of times Janex adds an item and people will try to sell it for more than it is worth because no one has heard of it. Stay away from it unless you have seen it and know what it is.

        Always double check the last trade screen. Have a calculator by your side so that you can double check the money being exchanged and make sure your math was correct. Also make sure you are trading for the item you thought you were. Do NOT click accept because it is a great deal and you want to get the item from the person really quick. A scammer can easily fool you if you do not look at the second screen and double check the trade.

        Spend a lot of time playing. Until you have a network of players selling to you, you will need to be on a lot trying to find people to buy/sell. If you can stop don’t take a break from it for a week and go train something else.

        If you are going to be away for more than a few weeks at a time sell everything you own and buy rares. They generally will go up over time, and if you are going to be away an extended period you do not know if the price of goods will drop during that time. But they are not making new rares so they should generally always give you a potential profit over long periods of time.

        Do not go to website promoting free items, or hacking Runescape. These sites are scams and they will steal your password and everything you worked hard for. There is no way to hack, manipulate, or duplicate Runescape items.

        Also notice were some items sell higher that others. For example lobsters sell higher in towns close to the wildy. While rune hatchets will sell for more in seers.